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At Butler Chiropractic & Wellness, we are committed to bringing you better life and health through Advanced Chiropractic care. Our team of highly-trained Chiropractors focuses on the cause of your problem first and will then provide specific, gentle, Chiropractic spinal adjustments (by hand or instrument) as a way of aligning your spine to maximize joint and nerve potential and to reduce the chance of greater nerve irritation. Our methods are designed to help your body work better, heal faster, and feel better... naturally. In many circumstances, the distinct advantages of Chiropractic care can far outweigh the short-comings of other options, do-it-yourself treatments, or simply lack of any action plan at all.

Patients seeking care at Butler Chiropractic & Wellness are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern Chiropractic equipment and technology. You will easily sense that the Doctors and Staff at Butler Chiropractic have a genuine concern for your overall health and an even greater interest in the maintenance of your overall well-being. Your ability to routinely feel a sense of vitality is what we strive for. Come visit our Chiropractic clinic and this Wonderful Team in Warner Robins, Georgia!

Weight Loss

A Medically-Developed Weight Loss Method with a Beginning, a Middle, and an End.

Referencing 1970’s era protein diet studies by Dr. Blackburn from the Harvard Medical School and utilizing the latest research on protein diets, Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, founder of The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, focused his career and research on nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity related issues. Dr. Tran Tien Chanh developed a new protocol that he felt was both safer and easier for his patients. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing 2 key components – weight loss and a healthier lifestyle education to assist you in maintaining your results after dieting.

According to Dr. Tran Tien, "The cause of many weight issues in a modern society is insulin dysfunction. A diet grossly disproportionate in its share of saturated fats and sugars, such as in breads, cereals, muffins, cakes, pastries, pasta, pizza, rice, corn - very much like the North American diet - causes the pancreas to produce an overabundance of insulin, which stays in the system and puts the blood sugar level in a negative balance.”


The products we utilize are made to the industry’s most exacting standards of quality, purity and potency. Each of the more than 1,200 raw materials used in producing most of the tablets, capsules, tinctures and topical gels that we recommend undergo regular, random laboratory analysis to assure that it meets and/or exceeds government standards and the more exacting standards sought out by each manufacturer.

Each product formulation and production method (Nutri-West, for example) has been carefully designed with each person in mind. For example, extensive efforts are made to insure that these products are the most hypo-allergenic on the market. Formulations carefully avoid common allergy-reactive substances like soy, wheat, yeast and sugar (unless specifically necessary to accomplish a nutritional goal) while production methods have been developed which avoid adding unwanted byproducts such as sodium, preservatives and other chemicals. Nutri-West and all of our manufacturers are concerned with quality and wholesomeness which extends to the environment, as well.

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